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Everything was working on Windows 2000 but when we upgraded to Windows
2003 it stopped working. We never touched anything physically; all
the cables are connected as they always have been. The server was
upgraded and not renamed.

No need to mention physical layout since an OS upgrade shouldn't break
connectivity to a SAN. All of the entries for the HBA's are zoned
correctly on the switch (they always have been). We are completely up
to date on all firmware revisions (HBA's, switches) and software
revisions (HBAnywhere and PowerPath 3.5).

Rene Koehnen-Wiesemes wrote in message ...
What exactly you're talking about when you say "could not connect to the
Is your HBA unable to login to a switch name server or is there no entry
for the EMC 4500 - or both? You don't mentioned the whole physical layout
of your
SAN, that makes guessing a bit of impossible. Let's say that you have no
entry in the switch nameserver, well then you just have a simple HBA
problem (assuming that all cable connections are fine).

You've said that you've got a compat' matrix from EMC/Dell, there should
defined which combination of
etc. will work.

Here comes another suggestion if anything looks quite fine in the switch
nameserver: During update, do you have renamed the server? If yes,
please keep in mind that EMCs Access Logix mask the LUNs access
with the name of servers.

Good Luck,


We haven't done that yet. Has anyone else run into this problem?

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