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Wayne Morgan
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Default Slow hard drive in windows XP

Did you download WD's diagnostic utility to see if the drive was bad or if
someone locked it down to a slower speed (WD's UDMA utility)?

Wayne Morgan

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Slow hard drive in windows XP and 2000

I have a 7200 rpm ATA66 10 gig Western Digital hard drive that reports
very slow speeds in both SiSandra and HD Tach.

Netvista and Windows XP -

In Sandra 2004 the drive index is: 4102 kB/s

In HD Tach the :

Sequential Speed is about 5.8 MB/s.

Random Access Time is 15.8 ms

Read Burst Speed is 6.4 MB/s.

Why is this drive so slow. I've run this drive in a Netvista (Windows
XP, SiS 630 chipset) ) and a home build box (Windows 2000, ALi
chipset). In 2000 it was much slower than the numbers above. Both
OSs claim to have the proper drivers for the chipset (and MB support
for ATA66, etc). I am using the prober cable with the proper BIOS

Maybe Western Digital just made a slow drive (WD102BA) or is this a
chipset problem ?

Shows it as an ata66, 7200 rpm, w/ 2MB cache.

In my other 2000 system with my Intel chipset (815) my IBM drive come
in right where it should be (Sandra 2004 only). So, I'm guessing
these "other" chipsets don't have true ATA66 support...

thanks, please post reply.