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Default Overclock 6700K Max Temps Prime95 Small FFT

On 2017-02-10 22:42, B00ze wrote:

So I took the plunge - I had to open the desktop and move some hard
drives around, so I took the opportunity to remove the CPU heatsink and
have a look: Good news; I had, as I expected, just a tiny tiny tiny bit
too much TIM and the CPU PCB was NOT bent. Cleaned-up with 100% alcohol
(NOT rubbing alcohol) and re-did the TIM and put the heatsink back
(pretty much with the same amount of TIM). Since this is Arctic Silver
5, I need to wait a couple days for it to settle before I test again,
but I ran OCCT real quick and I get the same temps as before (70-80
degrees under the CPU stress test (NOT the Linpack)). We'll see in a few
days, I will report back.

Alright, I tested the PC with Prime95 again, after having redone the TIM
and reseated the CPU - Same results; Prime95 (the latest version) can
make some cores climb to 94C for some tests; we're still hovering at
around 80C in OCCT's CPU test. One thing that HAS changed is that OCCT
crashes the first time I run it and start the CPU test. Run it again, no
matter how many times you like, and it works fine, but start it for the
first time that day and it crashes. So the situation is actually worse
than before. I'm not going to take the cooler off and reseat the CPU
again tho, unless I find some other symptoms/programs crashing
(Thunderbird did start crashing randomly last week but I re-installed it
and it's been doing fine since). I will re-install OCCT and see what
that does; maybe I will have to increase base voltage from 1.30 to 1.35
to fix this; I shoulda left well enough alone, it was rock solid before!

Anyway, except for stability issues, I'm giving up on this strange
cpu/heatsink combo, where the HS base doesn't really get hot even when
the CPU is running 90C (it becomes "warm" only). Looks like it is how
things are - unless I run a water cooler, I must expect very high temps
in Prime95.

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