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Default Overclock 6700K Max Temps Prime95 Small FFT

On 2017-01-26 11:26, hanky liu wrote:

Have you considered liquid cooling? What mobo are you using, and the build?

MB is a Maximus VIII Hero. I'm fine with Air - I just wanted to increase
the MHz as much as I could on Air and still get a 100% stable system, I
was just surprised at the high temps on some tests. I tried 4.6GHz
without touching my current setup but Prime95 fails; I would have to
increase base voltage from 1.30V to 1.35V and tweak LLC again, but
4.5GHz is fine.

Btw, I installed HandBrake and tried to transcode some 4K video -
Instant HandBrake crash. So I dialed down to plain vanilla 4.0GHz and
still crash. A few more crashes later, I installed it on the laptop and
tried there, and it still crashes. Works fine for 1080p video but no at
all with a 4K source. Suspect HandBrake problem rather than both my
machines having issues.

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