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Trevor Hemsley
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On Mon, 29 Aug 2005 18:26:47 UTC in alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.supermicro,

The 4-pin Molex power plugs and the (2) floppy power cables are
familiar to me; but are EITHER of my Motherboards -and/or- my type of
1.) "EPS" (eg. EPS 12V) Voltage specific?

No idea.

2.) ATX _version number_ (eg. ATX 2.01~) specific?

The manual for my P6DBE (and all the other models in that series) says it needs
an ATX 2.01 PSU.

3.) "SLI" . . . ? clueless

No idea.

4.) "PCI-Express" . . . capable? (I don't even know what this is lol)

No. That's a newer form of PCI mainly intended for video cards. You'll need a
motherboard that's less than a year old to have this capability.

5.) SATA capable?

Not natively. If you have a spare PCI slot then you could add a SATA controller
to them.

Currently I have only ATA and SCSI HDD's; but I'd like these power
supplies to be SATA-capable for future expansion purposes.

A few of your local currency units will get you a Y shaped cable with a 4 pin
socket on one end and a pair of SATA power connectors on the other. Much cheaper
than a new PSU.

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