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Andy Lawson wrote in message ...
Hi all,

I recently purchased what I thought was a 128Mb PC100 SODIMM. I have one
laptop which takes PC100 SODIMMs, and one which takes PC133s - this
modules works in neither laptop.

So, I'm left trying to track down the partcode, and determine whether
this is faulty, or just a different module.

The numbering on each chip reads:


Which I've traced back to Samsung, and looked at the Samsun decoder page

It seems the last two characters of the long part code should tell me
what the speed is - but there is no GL defined on the above page.

Anybody got any ideas?


Hi Andy,
Return the memory because it doesn't work, if you can. Either
way, do you really care why it doesn't work? O.K. so you have a
healthy curiosity. Samsung clearly isn't supporting information about
this product anymore. If you can find out what machine it came out of,
that might be a start. Call Samsung on the phone if it's worth your
time. Otherwise, you should go to or your favorite
memory manufacturer and do a search to get the part number(s) of
memory that will work in your machine(s) and buy that. Sure, you can
find memory at reduced prices from places like EBay, etc. but, if you
want good memory that works and no hassles, new is the way to go.

Good luck,
Silicon Alley Computers