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A usually safe bet on Presario processor upgrades is to look at what the top
model in the series has. In your case that model in the 5WV2X series is the
5WV297, which has a Socket A 950 Athlon. This would be a reasonably
effective upgrade for your 700 Duron, due to the larger L1 and L2 cache the
Athlon supports. As for any jumpers, look inside your computer case for a
label showing the location of and settings for different processors.

"Russell W. Barnes" russell dot barnes at huttonrow dot co dot uk wrote in
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What's the fastest processor I can fit into my Presario 5000 PC (Model No:
5WV254, currently fitted with an AMD Duron 700 MHz processor, and 448 Mb

Would a more up-to-date processor enhance performance to any appreciable
degree? I don't do games, just office stuff, photo-editing, audio CD
creation, that sort of thing, though I might be burning DVD's when I get a
DVD writer... If fitting an upgrade CPU would be beneficial, would the
sort things out automatically (there isn't a lot of scope to do things
manually on my BIOS), are there links need swapping, or is it just a case


Russell W. B.

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