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Default Problems with NVIDIA Geforce4 MX 440

I recently installed a Verto NVIDIA Geforce4 MX 440 on my computer, games
run very well and all graphical processes are fast. However, we have an
Energy Star Monitor that turns itself off after a while and, with my old
graphics card, worked fine. Sometimes when the monitor turns itself off, I
can move the mouse, and everything works fine. This is usually when only a
short time has passed(1-5 min.) or when a long time has passed (12 hours +).
The rest of the time, it a "This Program has Performed an Illegal Operation"
message box shows up on my screen. The program it says has performed an
illegal operation is "Science" which is the name of my screensaver (comes
with windows). I turned my screensaver off, and the next time it had
problems, the screen went completely black. So, the problem doesn't seem to
be with my screensaver, but instead with the Energy Star stuff. I don't want
to turn this off, because I like to save energy, and, I don't want to have
to turn my computer off every time I leave the room, either.
Thanx for the help!