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Don't be a fool get a 9500 pro

Sorry for the fool thing but the 9500 pro out performs the FX 5600

i had the 5600 and i'm still using the 9500 pro

9500 pro got 1500+ MORE marks in 3dmark2001se


"James A Taber" wrote in message

I am still able to get the 9500 PRO... what do you think should i buy 5600
ultra or 9500 pro... i am not sure anymore

Before i read the "buyers guide" at i was sure that i
was going to buy 9500 pro but after a read the guide i am not sure any
more... i hope someone could help me deciding...

-James A Taber

"Wayne Youngman" wrote in message
James A Taber wrote:
I am confused about which card to choose? Can someone help me to

#1 Geforce 5600 ultra
#2 Ati Radeon 9500 pro


I don't think you will be able to buy a Radeon 9500Pro anymore, at least

can't here in the U.K. For a small amount extra you could consider a

(168 here) and I think this will beat an FX 5600Ultra. You will have

spend some time reading up all the latest benchmarks to be sure. .

Wayne ][