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Default Is GeForce 6800 (128 MB) enough for the latest and upcoming games?

See the link in my original post. I listed my system specifications. The
problem is lack of PCI Express slot. Heh.

DaveW wrote:
You didn't say which motherboard you are using, but for longevity, if you
can swing it for those high end games I would recommend making the decision
I did and going for the next step up, which is the 6800 GT. It is clocked
faster and uses DDR3 RAM chips for the fastest memory around.


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I have a dilemma. Right now, I am using an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro (AIW; 128
MB). I have had for two
years. These days, the card cannot handle new games like Call of Duty 2,
City of Villains,
F.E.A.R, etc. This is with 1152x864/1024x768 resolution with most/all
graphic options enabled/at
maximum (no FSAA).

If I were to get a NVIDIA GeForce 6800 (128 MB; AGP 8x), will my system be
able to handle this
graphic setup. I am not plannig to upgrade my CPU, motherboard (AGP only)
and RAM until next
year or later than that. I am hoping this 6800 model will last that long
before I have to
upgrade again.

You can see my primary/gaming sysstem specifications at: ... Thank you in