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On Sat, 13 Dec 2003 21:53:53 GMT, zmike6

Just upgraded my GF4-Ti4200-equipped system's CPU to a t-bred
2600+/266 FSB model, now slightly overclocked to 2.22 ghz. I ran
some benchmarks and am a bit disappointed with where I am. System
specs are at the end of this post. In 3dMark 2001 I'm only getting
10600. In CodeCreatures, only 26.2 avg fps. VulpineGL is average 107
FPS. When this system had a 2000+ CPU, non overclocked, it did
roughly 9400 3dmarks. Pure CPU benchmarks show this system to be
performing about where it should, it's mainly the video benchmarks
that are kicking my butt.

Ideas: For one thing this CPU is only the 133 FSB version, this
motherboard doesn't support the 166 FSB Athlons. Also I'm using the
standard Windows XP drivers for the VIA chipset, not the newer 4-in-1
hyperions, 'cause I hear many folks have stability problems with those
and the install sounds like a pain. I know the NForce 2 setups have
better performance than Via KT333 but I still think I'm "short" at
least 1000 3dmarks.

System Specs & Settings:

MSI KT3 Ultra2-C
Athlon XP 2600+/266, at 16x139 = 2224 mhz.
512 MB DDR RAM CAS2 running in sync with CPU at 139
GeForce 4 Ti4200 at 264 core/466 mem (bad overclocker)
45.23 drivers for video
Windows XP Home
DirectX 8.1

my ti4200 stock at 250/500 running on a XP2100 o/c to 2332 mhz gets
12636 3d marks ( 3dMark 2001)