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Mal Franks
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In article ,

Is any of the games you have now, not running well? If not, don't
upgrade yet.

Not had any problems with games so far, I'm thinking about upgrading for
games due out in the first half of next year such as UT2004 and HL2.

I'm not planning on upgrading yet - but finding out whether I'd get any
benefit from buying one of the currently available cards in a few months
time (when they've hopefully dropped in price a little more)

Good upgrade is a $200~275 FX5900 (Non Ultra) online price - MSI has
the best cooling...

What limitations on your system? PIII-500Mhz?

As the subject says, I have an XP2100+

Other system specs include Asus a7v333 (rev 1.something - which limits
max upgrade to xp2600+ thoroughbred), 512Mb PC2700, GF4 Ti4600,
Soundblaster Audigy Platinum.