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XCR Chris
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I would avoid the 5900 series cards and go with a 5700 Ultra, same as
the 5950 in clock speed, just has a 128 bit memory bus limiting memry
bandwidth to 14-15 Gig/Sec. It can be has for about 175-200 dollars in
Best buy or any chain electronics store. Just make sure it is an ultra

I have one in a Dell 1 Gig P3 and can play Call of duty at 1600 x 1200 x
32 with everything turned on high. Plays very smooth.


DaveL wrote:

Let me get this straight. You are looking to buy "P4 3.0Ghz HT, 1.0GB
PC3200, Twin SATA Seagate HDD in RAID" , then you say you're on a budget?
Don't you know all that stuff you mentioned is overkill?

But anyway, more to your question. The answer all depends on what you will
be doing with your computer. If you want to play all the latest games then
I recommend you get an FX5900. If not then I advise you to stick with your
ti4800 as it will be better than the other two cards you mentioned.


"Jerry" wrote in message


I am probably going to get a new setup P4 3.0Ghz HT, 1.0GB PC3200,
Twin SATA Seagate HDD in RAID etc.. The one thing I have completely
lost track of is Graphics Card technology I am looking at either a GF
FX 5200 or a 5600 (128mb versions) but am really wondering how much of
a difference this will make over my GeForce Ti4800 (128mb)

Like a lot of people I am on a budget for this stuff, so don't want to
blow a lot of money on an all singing, all dancing Graphics card if I
am not going to see a lot of difference on screen

I am not interested in VIVO at all, DVI might be nice if i upgrade to
TFT at some point in the future but that's about it.

Many thanks for all your expert help