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beware people will tell you just to upgrade to xp. hell with that. I found
the 2.41 drivers broke my rear speaker connection and sounds were
accelerated so fast could hardly tell what was beening played. going back to
the driver on disk that came with mb my 4 speaker system comes back but the
accelerate sound persit till i nock down the sound acceleration 2 notchs to
fix that. windows xp does run normal with out the above problems with 3.13
drivers. really wish they would release a newer driver to fix those
problems. they still putin out video driver for 98, wth
"J. J. Taylor" wrote in message
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Is nVidia just like totally blowing off us Win98SE users?

I've seen some links that claim to be ForceWare for win9x/me, but all the
links are broken.

Do they at least PLAN on coming out with FW drivers for this OS?

J. J. Taylor