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It sucks on my system.
I have to turn down all graphics options to run reasonable in 1024x768
MSI Kt3 ultra
amd [email protected]
pc2700 512mb ddr corsair xms
Asus gf4 ti4400 128mb core 300mhz. mem 600mhz det.41.09
realtek ethernet card 1
realtek ethernet card 2
SB live 5.1 soundblaster
56kpci modem v92 trust
liteon dvd player
hp 9300i cd writer
floppy drive
ibm deskstar 60gig 7200rpm
superflower 420w psu with aopen h600 case.
Win98se with all updates.

"Carol Fieldus" schreef in bericht
Just wondering how others have found Halo to run on a ti4200 card. My

is an AthlonXP2000 512mb ddr ram and a 64mb geforce ti4200 card that is
overclocked. Outdoor sections run good but indoor sections where there are
lots of bumpmapping and pixelshader effects run a lot slower. I have tried
latest 52.16 drivers and found they do help performance a lot but still

laggy. Is there much difference betweeh the 64mb and 128mb ti4200 card in
regards to performance and also actual memory storage for current games?
Anyone got any ideas for speeding up Halo performance or does the

just suck? Thanks.. Jamaster..