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But No matter what he does,
It's winxp death.. Am I right?

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Instead of over clocking - why dont you buy a bigger processor????

I doubt I'd see any preformance difference between my 1800+ and a 2200+
(which I think is the fastest chip I can use on my Asus A7V266-E mobo).

I wanted to spend money, I'd upgrade my ATI Radeon 700 64MB to a GF4

that I'd notice :-)


With the latest BIOS you can run an XP2600+ 266FSB chip in an A7V266-E if
you can find one.
I upgraded from an XP1800+ to an XP2400+ (couldn't find an XP2600+ 266FSB
chip) & by changing multipliers it is now happily running at 2.3Ghz -
effectively something over an XP2800+.

Is your XP1800+ a Palomino, Thoroughbred "A" or "B"?
The A7V266-E is not a good FSB overclocker (usually about 145 max) but if
you have a Thoroughbred "B" you can probably adjust the multiplier (have to
move the Palo freq jumper back to Athlon/Duron) without any surgery to the
chip. Otherwise you will have to unlock the chip.

& PC's will boot into BIOS at speeds that they can't run Windows at so it
probably isn't just detecting the upgrade.