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On Sun, 2 Nov 2003 19:26:13 -0500, "John B."

This may be just a stupid question, but I've never seen it asked before and
I don't know the answer.

I have an emachine (etower 667ir) that I just bought used (it's three years
old). It has only two memory slots built onto the motherboard that is
suppose to have the ability of handling up to a combined total max of 256mb
in PC100 SDRAM. I taking it for granted that number is a max of 128mb per

The machine currently has only one128mb stick installed, and I decided to go
ahead and expand the memory to the max
of it's limit by adding a second 128mb stick. This was when I had a thought
and came up with a question that I have never really seen asked before.

My question is what would really happen if I went against the rules and
placed two separate 256mb PC100 SDRAM sticks (combined total of 512mb)
inside the machine, exceeding the 256mb max limit.

Would the computer:
1. just not work and/or freeze up, or
2. just be able to access the first 128mb in each stick, or
3. just be able to access the first 256mb in the first stick and ignore the
second, or
4. nobody knows?

Anyway, it was just a thought, since a person can over clock a some
machines, it just seems a bit logical to be able to exceed the memory limits
to some level or degree.

The chipset appears to be Intel 810, which supports 512MB of memory,
IIRC, so I would GUESS it can support 2 - 256MB modules.

As as the previous poster suggested you might take it to a shop and
ask them to try 512MB as two 256MB PC100 modules, but be sure they
realize it needs 16 x 8 density PC100 memory. If it's an
unknowledgable technician they might try newer common PC133 memory
which would not work, might not POST if 128MB modules were tried, or
might show as half-capacity of each module, with 256MB modules.