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Default Gigabyte SIV (App Center program)

Paul wrote:
Bill wrote:

I have a new system on a Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD5H board.

I am having trouble configuring fan speed in a convenient way.
It would be very helpful to have "documentation" for the various
that come in the "SIV folder" (and some of their inter-dependencies--for
example, what does "prerun.exe" do?). I would like to configure
the program to run at startup (and am "floundering" with that so
far). I have it controlling the fan speed acceptably, at start up, in
my admin account, but not my user account, using the
Windows7-Pro-64bit OS. It seemed to work better (i.e. without
prompting me) after I reinstalled my Norton Security software "on top
of it"--rather than the other way around. Is there a 64-bit version
of the app center program?

I think I could do a better job of this if I had more information.
The one page in the
user manual is not sufficient (the app center doesn't even run as
described in the user
manual--I cannot bring up the window shown on page 95 of the manual,
for instance).

Thank you for any assistance!

Did you check the BIOS Setup screens first ?

Sometimes, you can set up the fans in there, and
never need a Windows (or Linux) program for it.
Look for "Fan Speed Percentage" around page 49 of the manual.

Hi Paul,
This is the same "Bill" you've assisted on another forum.

I see the fan speed percentage. If I increase the percentage is it
likely I could get it up to 1000 RPM at idle or so? I guess the question
is whether the PWM value can be close to 0, because if so, then it would
cause fan-"hiccup'ing" (which I've described to you before). I was
assuming the answer to that was yes, which is why I didn't try it--but I
may well be wrong.


For a free fan control program, there is Speedfan from
Maybe that will have better options than SIV. The program is for Windows.

I guess I don't know how to use Speedfan to adjust my fan
speeds. I AM using it to read my fan speeds. I don't think Speedfan
knows my motherboard model, but I only have one fan I need manage


If the SIV application is a Metro tile, it may not have the
best behavior. Apparently, if you're not viewing the Tile window,
the program can suspend itself (go to sleep) for later.

I never heard of a "Metro app" before. Is that a Windows 8 concept?


"I disabled C:\ProgramFiles (x86)\Gigabyte\GBTUpd\PreRun.exe
in the msconfig start menu using CCleaner program."

Prerun looks to be a software updater, that runs at startup.
Just based on "GBTUpd" naming convention alone.

I think it may also help set up the AppCenter. I think without doing
that, the thermald program doesn't appear able to do fan management,
even if it's running. That's why I was asking about documentation-so I
could try to do it right. Finding an alternative to the Gigabyte
programs sounds like a fine idea, even if it costs a few dollars--the
programs have irritated me enough. But I will accept some of the "blame"
for trying to run Admin and User accounts properly. In the past, I just
ran an Admin account, but I am trying to do "better" this time. If I
was only running an admin account now, I wouldn't have any fan issues.
Also, I woudn't learn anything new.

Thank you for your kind help!