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Bruce Tyler
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Default Help - Chaintech FX5600XT card wont run on Asus A7N266 M/B...

I just updated M/B and CPU and decided to use the leftover M/B, Asus
A7M266 with an XP2000+ CPU and 2x 256 PC2100 RAM, as a second PC. I
tried to fit a Chaintech FX5600 - XT onto it but No Go...

I tried it on the existing O/S, which is XP Pro, and had a Leadtek
Ti4200 on it before,, as well as trying to freshly install XP and in
either case all I got was a garbled mess of broken graphics following
the mouse cursor and when it went across any text, it obliterated it
beyond recognition. Any buttons with "Next",, "Cancel",, "Finish" on
it also suffered the same destruction.

Installing 53.xx drivers from 41.09, under these conditions was a
nightmare and in the end,, it failed.. Whatever I did, it was the same
result... We swapped the card for another but - same result too...

We tried a GeForce 2 and my Ti4200 and they both worked fine. The M/B
had its drivers installed so there's no hitch there either...

I am wondering if this M/B is not compatible with FX cards....

Anyone have any knowledge on this...????