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On Sun, 23 Jan 2005 11:15:55 GMT, Gary Dingle

Does this mean that this model SHOULD have a fan?
If not, how do I stop this warning message?

Nope. Ive bought lots of 400mxes and 420mxes etc and some came with
fans and others didnt. Dont know why you have a blue box popping up.
MBs do come with monitors for various fans so I guess you have some
software installed that warns you about the low rpm of the vga fan - 0
since you have no fan plugged in.

If you have lots of problems with freezes etc and you suspect
overheating you can buy cheap fans at various places like Compusa.
I used to buy their circular heatsink thats blue with a fan in the
middle. You can plop that on many video cards if theres room. I ended
up using it on a motherboard and it works great after the fan died on
it. One thing the thermal tape I used sucked and was the reason it
kept freezing even after I put the fan on. Thermal epoxy would
probably work better. I used the old trick of super glue in the
corners and thermal paste in the middle and it worked great. Id hate
to try to pry it off though when the fan dies.