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Default Help... geforce3 ti 500

Have DEll system with a geforce3 TI 500, all was dandy till the fan
stopped workin, GPU overheated and got a screen full of vertical red
or green lines...

called tech support, after getting me to run all sorts of tests they
eventually agree to send some1 out with a replacement card, which
worked fine for 3 days,

now the computer once it is booted to the login screen (win XP
professional) it gets these vertical lines back and then the monitor
goes into standby and the comp restarts...

called tech support, which was worse than useless, and eventually i
told them i could get it running by booting in VGA mode, turning
hardware acceleration down 3 notches...

they said 'oh ok thats that fixed then'... now correct me if i'm
wrong, but whats the point in having a graphics card with hardwre
acceleration if its not being used to its full extent, i mean the
other one's fan went, but it was workin grand at full hardware
acceleration, how come this one isn't??

on another note, in the bios screen it has 'agp aperture' what does
this do??