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The original way was to uninstall old drivers and clean out leftover files.
Then from controlpanel/system check if a standard pci graphicsadapter was
Selecting this device and search for new drivers,pointing to directory the
new are located.
This way you have to extract the .exe in a directory using winzip or winrar
or something like that.
The .inf file does the work for you,with winxp it's sometimes needed to
remove the drivers and hardware in devicemanager.
After that the vidcard is redetected and now you can also point to the
location of new drivers.
Or indeed you simply use the .exe and let nvidia setup do the work which
occasionally goes wrong for people.
Therefor the recommended method is to do it from devicemanager and do the
update with new drivers.
This is almost a foolproof method for installing the drivers in the correct
The old ways often works best,even with todays operatingsystem,which is
actually an old OS with a new jacket.

"Dudley Henriques" schreef in bericht
I've noticed that on Nvidia's site, in two different places they recommend
two different ways to install detonators, one on the driver download page,
and the other on their support/faq's page. I've pasted both in below. I
realize that you can just execute the file these days, but can someone

me why Nvidia tells you to just execute the file in one place, then tells
you you have to uninstall the old driver first before you execute the file
in another place.
Here they are...the two opposing suggestions. WHY?

On the Nvidia driver download page for 52.16 ;
"Before installing new drivers make sure you uninstall all NVIDIA display
drivers from the Windows Control Panel. Browse to the Start Menu Windows
Control Panel Add/Remove Programs and search for "NVIDIA Windows Display
Drivers" or "NVIDIA Display Drivers" and select remove".

Now from the Nvidia support/faq's page;
""The NVIDIA Detonator drivers are self-installing drivers. This makes it
very easy for end-users to upgrade their drivers to the latest version.
Simply download the appropriate drivers from the NVIDIA Web site at, and save the file to your hard drive. Make sure you are

running any download utilities in the background. This tends to corrupt

drivers if not disabled.Once the file is on your hard drive, disable any
anti-virus programs running in the background. Certain anti-virus programs
will prevent you from making any changes to your system files and can
corrupt your drivers. Once you have prepared your system for the driver
installation, simply run the drivers you have downloaded by

on the file. The drivers will automatically update your current drivers

make the necessary changes to your system. If you are running Windows NT4,
it will ask you which graphics card you are installing. This is because
Windows NT4 cannot correctly detect your graphics card make and model.

the drivers have been installed, Windows will ask you to restart your
computer to complete the changes. Allow Windows to restart. Once you are
back in Windows, you are done with the driver installation.

These two suggested ways to install Nvidia drivers are clearly different.
One says you have to uninstall the old driver, the other says to just
execute over the old one. WHY?
It's just confusing to a lot of included :-))