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Default 5900 ultra problem in games- stability

Hopefully some one has some suggestions, because PNY doesn't. I have
exhausted just about everything. They tell me to wait for the next
driver, like the three they published since this card has been out for
two weeks wasn't enough.

Here's the symptom; in games like Battlefield 1942(with RTR patch) or
Enclave, its hit or miss whether the game will boot and still detect
keyboard. If the keyboard is detected, the game can stop responding
to keyboard at any time. (tried different keyboards) Also, BF during
the two opening logo screens has a white edge on top and left side, as
if the screen is off one pixel towards bottom right. That goes away
once in game though. Everything, even the desktop seems unstable and
prone to lock ups. I have two exact rigs(except different chassis and
brand of power supply) otherwise exact:
AMD 2600

I'm running XP with SP1a, tried Direct X 9.0a, and NVIDIA drivers
43.45, 44.65, 44.67 and NVIDIA's 44.03 international driver. I always
do an uninstall befor install, and since playing with this problem,
have rebuilt the machine from scratch at least four times. I also
scan for virus's and make sure nothing is overheating.
I also have a soundblaster platinum, which i removed, and also
disabled proprietary sound on board, as well as USB(don't use
it)firewire and network ports. In fact, at one point I had just the
mthrbrd sitting on a box with this card, everything else disabled, and
one game installed and it would still do the same crap.
But the problem always follows this card and drivers. When I put my
old ATI back in either rig, the problem is gone. When it does run
with this card in, it looks great though. I have also turned down all
hardware acceleration, tried low-res settings, so on and so on. It
will still run like crap and lock up.

If someone ran into this same deal, I'd like to know. Especially if
you found a fix.

Thanks in advance.