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Default The Latest Neocon Lies

The latest neocon lie involves Kerry's use of the word 'sensitive' to describe
the war on terror. Once again, his remarks have been taken completely out of
context. In fact, the same argument Cheney is making about Kerry, Edwards could
easily make about Bush. Bush did a speech where he said he would have to have a
sensitive approach to our allies, which is EXACTLY the point Kerry was making.
However, democrats try not to take statements grossly out of context like these
liars do.
This is the same tactic they have used against him in his "I voted for the $87
billion before I voted against it" remark. What Mr. Kerry was saying, if the
media had played his entire statement, was that he supported the bill that used
available funds (through repeal of the tax credits to the wealthy) to pay for
the $87 billion. This bill, introduced by Democrats, was shot down by
Republicans. The measure Kerry voted against, used BORROWED money, for which
we, and our children, will pay interest on for years to come.
Again, it could be argued that the republican congress, and our President, were
also against funding of the war by not supporting the original bill that paid
for the war up front.
And how about those swiftboat veterans for truth? Of the 200+ men in the book,
not one actually served with Kerry on his swiftboats. All 5 of Kerry's
commanding officers have said nothing but great things about his service.
All of the men aboard his swiftboat are refuting these Swiftboat liars.
One of these guys (who helped write the book) would have us to believe that
Kerry actually SHOT HIMSELF, thats right...he took a machine gun and SHOT
HIMSELF in the arm, just to get a purple heart (of which he already had 2).
Now, maybe I'm crazy, but this seems a little far fetched to me. But this is
what the guy says in their 'Unfit to Command' book.

You can read about more neocon lies, and see the liars in action on video at .
Also featured, the Bush Flip Flops. Also, keep up with EV'v Electoral Vote
Predictor (Kerry is up 327-211) and Message Forums.

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