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Default major GA-8IK1100 issues. Please help!


I'm having some major issues with my gaming system and I'm having a
really difficult time hunting down a solution and I'm hoping that
someone on here can give me a hand becuase I'm flat out of ideas.

I've had this system for almost 5 months without a problem, up and
running and having fun. My power grid in the area is not very good,
and I lose power about once a week. I bought a 1500w battery backup
to help deal with this problem. Then all of a sudden I started
getting PAGE_Fault_in_non_paged_area and irql_not_less_or_equal errors
and these phantom reboots. I started doing some research and people
said that its usually a ram error or a bad card. So I proceeded to
try some other bn ram from another machine, and removing the sound
card and video card to try and remedy the problem, but I still
continued to have the same errors. I then proceded to wipe out the HD
and start over (*sigh*). I also disabled EVERYTHING on the
Motherboard, from usb to the hyper-threading, I turned them all off to
attempt to start with a minmal set. I then attempted to reinstall
Windows XP without success. I've tried a new HD and new System Ram
but still have the same problems. At this point, I am coming to the
conclusion that I have a bad Motherboard, and that possibly the
constant power problems have created this mess.

I'm really lost, and I don't want to go out and spend any more money
until I know what the problem is. Any insight is greatly appreciated.
This one is really stumped me.

Here's my system specs:

Windows XP
Antec 550w power supply
Gigabyte GA-8IK1100 MoBo
P4 3.2hz CPU 800FSB w/hyper-threading
Corsair TwinX 1gig PC3200 ram (dual channel, matched 512mb sticks)
Herceles ATI 9800XT Pro/256mb ram
Sound Blaster Audigy ZS Pro Sound Card
Western Digital 250gig 7200rpm HD
Sony DVD-R/RW drive