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Simon Howson
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Default Asus GeForce FX 5200 Video Suite - SimCity 4


I am looking to upgrade from an 64 MB All-In-Wonder 8500 DV, I have planning
to purchase a Digital Tuner card, so I no longer need an all in wonder type
card. I was considering getting an 128 MB Asus Geforce FX 5200 Video Suite.
However, I am wondering will this give me any better performance when
playing SimCity 4 Rush Hour? Does anyone play SimCity 4 Rush Hour with a
GeForce FX 5200 card? If so are you happy with the performance?
Unfortunately the Radeon 8500 suffers from slow scrolling, I am hoping to at
least get rid of this problem. I am looking at the 5200 because it is very
cheap, and considering I don't play many other games it looks like a good
choice value wise. I can't really justify spending much more than AUD$150
(US$80) on a new card.

Lastly, I want a card that is DirectX 9 hardware compatible.

Thank you,

Simon Howson