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kda January 28th 04 08:06 PM

Bootabe Compact Flash Card on USB ... Possible on the P4C800E-Deluxe

When I push the F8 key during the early boot stages of my P4C800E-Dlx
MB I see that I can select my desired boot device. This includes
several "generic USB devices".

And, as I continue to boot I see my "Generic" USB devices enumerated
by BIOS and these appear to include the four CF (Compact Flash Card)
type slots which are provided in my USB 2 Flash Card Reader.

Now the question is, how do I come up with a bootable CF card from
which I can attempt to boot?

So far I have found that if I boot to a DOS floppy, none of the USB
Flash card slots are seen from the A: prompt. That surprised me
since I see what I believed to be the CF card slots enumerated on

When in WinXP, I can easily format my CF card as N: but the option to
make N: bootable is grayed out. Clearly CF cards are not treated as
floppy disks.

Then I went to a DOS prompt in WinXP and entered the command
a:\Sys A: N:
in an attempt to transfer the system files from a bootable A: drive to
my Compact Flash card N: I got the error message that a program in
16 bit is attempting to access a Hard Drive and will not be allowed
.... then shutdown.

Has anyone managed to successfully boot the P4C800E-Dlx MB from a USB
device like a Compact Flash Card ... and if so, what did it take to
yield your success?

My biggest challenge appears to be: How do you make the CF type card

Thanks for any help, ideas anyone can contribute.


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