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[email protected] January 4th 05 04:30 PM

Slow booting problem solved - vnbt.386 - Ethernet card
The long 60+ second boot time in a reconfigured computer (see original
message "Slow booting, 1/2/05") was caused in part by the 24 seconds it
took to load vnbt.386, even though it's only 86KB.

Browsing around the internet, indications are that this has something to
do with waiting for a DHCP timeout and as a cure, assigning fixed IP
addresses to the Ethernet card.

It turns out that the computer had an unused Ethernet card in a PCI
slot. (I used it to connect to my cable modem.) Simply by removing the
card, the boot time dropped to about 25 seconds, far more than 24-second
reduction I expected.

Hope this helps someone in the future.


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