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Lance Ballantyne April 21st 04 03:38 AM

GF4 mx440 +Omega 45.23 drivers
i notice absolutely no difference between ruuning the 5x.xx driver or the
45.23 drivers vs the omega 45.23 drivers. playing UT2004 i run the game [email protected]
1024x768x32, and the average FPS per the "stat fps" command yields no
difference. i have been told the 45.23 drivers are the most stable for the

my system
DFI NFII Ultra (nforce2 ultra)
amd athlon xp 2800+ (2.09gz) w/333mhz fsb
Kingston 2x256 333mhz ddr ( take advantage of the dual channel memory, if
not your an idiot)
GeForce4 MX 440 128mb ddr
Western digital 80GB 7200rpm 8mb cache
Windows XP home SP1

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