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Marty R September 18th 03 12:45 PM

nVidia flicker/screen flashing black problem....
I've seen some other posts similiar to this and I'm wondering if
anyone can help. I've got a PNY 4800ti and am presently having a
problem with screen flicker. At boot up and ONLY in 2D apps (desktop,
IE, etc...) NOT 3D Open GL type stuff my system will pause for a
second, the screen will flash black for a split second and then go
back to normal until it does it again. No one particular thing sets
it off and it may occurr as frequently as every 15 seconds and it's
probably most like degausing your monitor when it happens.

I've had the card replaced with a 5200 and it did the same thing so I
know it's not the card. I'm running the most current bios update my
motherboard manufacturer has and a 400w power supply. O/S is XP w/SP1
and and 2.0ghz processor. This did NOT happen with my 4200ti (which
unfortunately died).

Also, it seems to occurr significantly less running driver version
43.00 and ONLY that version. Anything newer or older and it's
unusable. Unfortunately the performance with that driver sucks and
I've been dealing with this for 2 months now and back and forth with
PNY and NO resolution. Any help or suggestions would be greatly
appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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