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[email protected] November 14th 08 03:44 AM

pinout for backplane of HP/Compaq Proliant ML350G4
Hi everyone.

i hope got some directions from yours, i try to use the Redundant
power supply of this server with my standard ATX Motherboard, these
backplane got's 2 power connectors like WTX Standard but, theres no
concordance with the voltage signals of this.

then i try to find in the entire internet with google for a long time.

if some one have this information of voltage and signals for this
backplane i really appreciate that.

i know this is hard to find information, but no ones could change my
mind, to make this mod for this backplane to use this 2 power supplies
with my motherboard.

thanks for your time.


the backplane data was.

365065-001 Power supply backplane board for 2, 725Watts power

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