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Bob Flanders November 15th 03 10:12 PM

NVIDIA GEForce 2 MX/400, DualView, Remote Desktop 1600x1200 problem
Hi ..

I don't know if the nVidia techs look at this board, but if you do,
you may enjoy this bug report...

It seems that if the *secondary* screen resolution is larger than the
primary, and the top of the primary screen is aligned anywhere *lower*
than the top of the secondary screen, and XP's "Remote Desktop"
program is run in full screen mode on the secondary, the bottom of the
Remote Desktop image gets messed up by the remote task bar popping up.

I have a 1.8Ghz P4 running XP using the GEForce 2 MX/400 in DualView
mode. I run a digital (LCD) screen at 1280x1024 (left hand, primary)
and a Micron 19" screen at 1600x1200 (right hand, desktop extension).
The nVidia drivers are the latest 52.16.

On the "physical arrangement" dialog
(desktop-right click-properties-settings),
I have aligned the bottom edges of the two screens. (The problem
occurs pretty much any time the top of the primary screen is aligned
lower than the top of the secondary screen.)

On the Micron, I start a Remote Desktop session with a remote XP
system in full screen mode -- 1600x1200. The session starts in full
screen mode on the Micron with no problem, clean display. (Note: The
remote system auto-hides the task bar and is a 2-line pop-up.)

When the remote task bar pops up it looks fine. When it disappears, it
messes up the portion of the Remote Desktop image that was overlayed
by the remote taskbar. It looks like some area wasn't properly
invalidated before repaint. It's inconsistent, based on what's running
under the pop-up.

The bottom isn't messed up completely, just a bit. For example, in
Outlook 2003, the navigation buttons are wiped out. Passing the mouse
over them restores them, but they're not quite right.

With desktop showing, I have an icon on that part of the screen that
gets destroyed. MSIM's pop-ups are just gray boxes until you pass they
mouse over them, then they partially reappear. (This happened with a
remote XP, but not a remote Win2K/Terminal Server.

Minimizing and restoring the Remote Desktop program properly updates
display, but it recurs when the taskbar pop-up again.

As a test, I ran the secondary at "Ludicrous resolution" (2048x1536)
(thanks, Spaceballs) and ran remote control at 1600x1200 in a window
on the micron. The problem does not occur.

As another test, I set the Primary to 1024x768 and the Secondary to
1280x1024. As before, running Remote Desktop in full screen mode on
the secondary yielded the same results.

When I reversed the resolutions and placed the Remote Desktop on the
primary, no such problem occurs.

Questions? I'll try to answer.

Bob Flanders
No Shpam 911 at hot mail. (run the first three words together.)

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