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just bob June 5th 08 09:38 PM

Reboot server with ILO?
We have a DL380 G3 server with the latest BIOS, firmware,etc.

When we login to the ILO, where and what are we supposed to click on to
force the server to reboot when it's hung?

We are testing this by having the server boot onto the SmartStartCD instead
of crashing a live Windows 2003 OS, even though this is not (yet) a
production server.


just bob June 5th 08 11:48 PM

Reboot server with ILO?
OK, so we figured out the virtual power button.

Now how to eject a CD-ROM which might be in the drive? We seem to not be
able to run the remote console. We can move the mouse but we cannot see the
screen. What is the catch?


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