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Stephen December 19th 04 01:49 PM

Ebuyer Joke Emails (not)
When you post an e-note with Ebuyer you get the following message;

************************************************** ***************************************
Dear ########, Many thanks for using our website for your customer service
query. We are currently replying to all queries within 2 business days,
please bear with us whilst we process your query. Sincerely, Ebuyer Support

************************************************** ***************************************

It's a joke considering;

The initial e-note was posted about 2 weeks ago and still no reply.
A further 3 e-notes have been posted and still no reply.
Each further email generated this email and still no reply.
A recorded delivery letter has been sent, and received, and still no reply.
Contact details (email & phone) have been given and still no reply.

Customer service at Ebuyer is so non-existent that it's a complete joke. I'd
be laughing if I wasn't so frustrated at not getting anywhere with getting
the item sent to me that they've billed me for on my credit card some time


Stephen December 19th 04 02:36 PM

"Tx2" wrote in message
In article , newsmail04
@ntlworld.com, a.k.a Stephen says...


they've billed me for on my credit card some time

... and you've approached your CC company?

Verbally yes and they made a note of it on their files. If Ebuyer doesn't
respond within the next few days then it'll be followed up by officially
complaining to the credit card issuer in writing. That way they can't claim
I didn't give Ebuyer enough time to rectify the problem.


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