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Nobody February 13th 04 08:32 AM

! Someone tested overclocking a7v8x-x and amd xp cpu -Overclocking suceeded
Thanks for your tip about xp2200 1.8GHz possible to overclock sometimes to 2.5GHz
I have a problem with the prosessor does not react to the multiplier increased above it`s fixed value , meaning multiplier overclocking seems not to be possible.
Yes the value of the multiplier change according to bios, but sandra says cpu speed is unchanged.
I have today increased the frequency overclocking to 15% giving the xp 2200 1.8GHz a 2.1 GHz performance without the need to change core voltage.
System is stable and the cpu temprature is 100% unchanged, meaning that the overclocking has not given any negative side-effects at all.
Anyway 15% exstra is still not bad, but i would noe be supprised if the cpu could handle a higher multiplier to if it was possible to change the multiplier on the a7v8x-x in reality and not only just showing a change in multiplier.

Thanks for your comment

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