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Darkfalz November 6th 03 02:37 PM

Video Out Feature on 5200
"SteveC" wrote in message
Ok, I have a Albatron Gigi nVidia GeForce FX5200EP 128MB with S-Video Out.

Now it comes with a S-Video to Composite Video adapter.
I'm trying to hook this up to my VCR, which doesn't have a S-Video Input,

I'm using the Video Inputs.
Now, I hooked up the VCR to the Video In on the TV so I could see what I'm
I want to record some mpeg that I want to copy on Video. But I can't seem
to get the video to play. I can see the Desktop, I can see the Media

fine, but no video is playing on the TV nor will it record on tape???

I guess it has something to do with Resolution and how the Video Card
settings are setup!!

Anyone with experience with this could point me in the right direction??

You are probably in "clone" mode, and I think while in this mode a video
overlay will display on your PC but not on your TV.

I always use Single Display mode, so I don't have that problem.

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