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Brian Lee July 9th 04 01:15 AM

not the same old B&W problem (I don't think)
Good evening all,

I posted this problem to another group, though I haven't gotten any
responses. Since it is a direct ATI video card problem, perhaps I
started in the wrong place to begin with.

About a week and a half ago, I
switched from an Nvidia Ti-4200 card with S-video TV-out to a Radeon
9700 Pro, also w/ S-video out. My TV does not have S-video, so it was
hooked up to the Nvidia card through an S-video-composite converter
cable (I am in the states, NTSC format). Never did I have a problem
with color on the Nvidia card, and to my knowledge, I never had to set
the driver to
output a composite signal, though it may have detected this in the
default setup. Using the exact same television and cable, I cannot
make the Radeon output color to the television. I've read several
fixes to the problem, mostly revolving around bad cables and
converting the S-video signal to composite. The problem is, I've
already done that, and I can verify that both my cable works and the
TV does support the conversion because it worked with the old card.
Is this primarily a driver issue with ATI, or has someone else ran
across this problem? I am hesitant to spend money on any new
hardware, because the old hardware definitely works, at least with my
old video card. Maybe the S-video out on the Radeon is 4-pin instead
of 7-pin, or vice versa. I am just fishing for ideas. The card
unfortunately does not have composite out, otherwise I probably would
be home free. It really is a
much better card, in terms of 3D performance, than my other, and I
don't want to switch back if at all possible. Thanks in advance,

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