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Russ July 16th 03 09:31 AM

8500DV Firewire-1394
The intergrated firewire port on the 8500DV is processed through the video
card itself. It is highly possible that your motherboard doesn't support
IRQ Steering/ Shared IRQs. The board doesn't have to support firewire just
only to have the resources to use the card.

Check your System Information to see if your motherboard is using Shared
IRQs by going into 'System Information' --- 'Hardware Resources' ---'
Conflicts/Sharing' and also 'System Information' -- 'Hardware
Resources' -- 'IRQs'. Check to see which IRQ's are in use and how many
times (if any) of each are used.

Hope this helps


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"J" wrote in message
.. .
I have the same issue with one of my computers running XP Pro. It's an

system running a PII 350. I do think it is an older motherboard that

support Firewire.
Good luck.

"Sgt Andrew" wrote in message
I have the AIW 8500 DV running WinXP. In device Manager there is a

exclamation point for the Firewire/1394 controller. It says "This device

find enough free resources that it can use. (Code 12).I have no other

cards in
the machine except the 8500DV
Does anyone no of a fix for this or did I get screwed by ATI.

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