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Anonymous January 28th 17 05:26 AM

Raid aka Dustin Cook aka Diesel-Dum: "I'm Telling You...Dustin Cookis NOT me."
How many times have we read this **** saying he had nothing to hide
and doesn't hide behind remailers or nicks?

Here is further proof - as if any more were needed, that
Casio/Raid/Duckfart Cook NEVER is honest or straightforward. He always
lies or twists the truth.

http://groups.google.com/group/alt.c...094587f81 262



Newsgroups: alt.comp.virus
From: (Raid)
Date: 26 Feb 2002 11:56:38 -0800
Local: Tues, Feb 26 2002 2:56 pm
Subject: Virus Bulletin... wtf?

wrote in message ...
Well, we read it differently. You called yourself Dustin Cook - as
you acknowledge.

Negative. I emailed from that account a total of two times, to Martin
Overton. At the time he decided to pull a low shot (to defer from the
discussion on his ****ty software); you and a few oted anyher avers
decided for me that I was Dustin Cook, At no time have I admittthing
except that I used the name, that it is not my name, and I didn't have
permission of it's owner(s).

Therefore I think it's legitimate to say you are sometimes
known as Dustin Cook.

Nope. It's not. I told you then, I'm telling you now; Dustin Cook is
NOT me. Raid and Dustin are not one in the same person. You know
****in well VB made a mistake graham. A mistake which could cost them
a ****load. How many Dustin Cook's do you suppose this misleading
information could harm? Did you know, any of those Dustin Cook's can
sue Virus Bulletin? Did you also know, Virus Bulletin can be court
ordered to provide the name of the person who wrote the article? Did
you know, that person can also be sued? Do you realize just HOW ****ED
you are? :) I bet you wrote the article, It reaks of your handywork. I
did notice nobody mentioned who wrote the little article on the
magazine; But alas, it's not too hard to find out.

Think of the can of worms you av scum have opened for yourselfs. Too
quick to expose a virus writer, you publish a name you attribute to
being one, without any expectation of retailation in the legal sense?
Why is it, nobody ever emailed me to let me know about this article?
You charge people for that article. Virus Bulletin is probably very
responsible from a legal sense, as is the original author of the work
they published.

Does Sophos have a good legal team graham? Does virus bulletin? I
suppose you best hope for your sakes, that Dustin either isn't
interested in pursuing, or that he is not financially able to do so.

Dustin doesn't have to prove he isn't me, You have to prove he is.
Otherwise, your article is damaging; and not based on fact, for which
you are legally liable. Oopsie.

Raid [slam]

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