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Gigabyte USA Marketing October 28th 04 11:04 PM

Gigabyte NVIDIA 6600 Series: Bringing GeForce 6800 features to the mainstream!
NVIDIA 6600 Series: Bringing GeForce 6800 features to the mainstream!

Taipei, Taiwan, Oct 2004 – Gigabyte Technology Co. proudly announces
the release of the market's advanced NM point 11-processed PCI-e
solution for DOOM3 speed graphics accelerators, the GV-NX66 . Powered
by NVIDIA's latest Native-solution PCI-e GeForce 6600 GPU. The
GV-NX66 series guarantees the most is gained from a wide range of
applications from advanced 3D gaming to digital and video
cinematography - With high-speed 128MB GDDR III memory, a 128-bit
memory interface, and the most enticing game bundle. The GV-NX66
series packs an amazing punch in terms of speed, performance and
affordability. NX66 plays a crucial role in the ongoing process of
PCI-e mainstreaming.

The NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT/6600: Ultimate 3D Game Play
Built on the NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT/6600, the GV-NX66 series is
equipped with a complete range of features to satisfy any die-hard PC
gamer. The unique NVIDIA CineFXTM 3.0 engine powers the next
generation of cinematic realism in vivid true color. S.M 3.0; The
next-generation shader architecture delivers faster and smoother
gameplay. As well, NVIDIA's IntellisampleTM 3.0 provides the
industry's fastest anti-aliasing for ultra-realistic visuals with no
jagged edges at lightning-fast speeds. The GV-NX66 series is an
appealing choice for all game enthusiasts who crave unbelievable
speed, outstanding performance, and mind-blowing graphics.

Full Compatibility and Features:
The GV-NX66 series fully supports the Microsoft® DirectX®9.0CShader
Model 3.0 and OpenGL® 1.5 which enables amazing and complex special
effects for complete compatibility and performance for all
applications. As well, the graphics accelerators support PCI-e to
offer a throughput of 16GBps. Support for DVI ensures high-quality
graphics output from your digital monitor while the integrated TV
encoder provides TV-out functionality for greater media flexibility.
Moreover, the latest V-TUNERTM 2 O/C utility allows gamers to easily
obtain enhanced system performance.

6600GT SLI Ready-Scalable Link Interface technology:
NVIDIA unveils a revolutionary approach to combining multiple GPUs in
a single system to scale performance. NVIDIA® SLI™ (Scalable Link
Interface) multi-GPU technology takes advantage of the increased
bandwidth of the PCI Express™ bus architecture, and features
intelligent hardware and software solutions that allow multiple GPUs
to efficiently work together to deliver earth-shattering performance.

Consumer Electronic Video:
HDTV Encoder and Onchip Video Processor provide best support of
Consumer Electronic Video Quality.

A Solid Bundling package:
Gigabyte offers a great software bundle with the GV-NX66 series, and
the most anticipated DOOMS3 will be packed with GV-NX66T128D and
"Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising™ and GV-NX66128D with "Thief", all
models are packed with PowerDVD 5.0.


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